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To a wordpress space about writer, director, lecturer and perfomance artist Christine Bylund.
Here you will be able to find information about relevant projects in the past, present and future and contact me if you are intrested in any of my work.

I am a crip femme identified person, brought up in rural Sweden but located in Stockholm since 2009. My work has mainly been on the concepts of dis/ability, gender, class and sexuality and I have been featured at the Stockholm Pride festival with both lectures and performance based work. I have also been published in a variety of queer zines as well as in the anthology Stockholm Syndromes published by the English Department at Stockholm University.

I am an experienced theatre arts leader and have directed and held workshops on political theatre and performances as a method of work, most recently at the ULOBA 25 year aniversary in Oslo, Norway in June 2011.
I have also worked together with London based Wotever World creating and performing at several Queer Storytelling events in Stockholm.

I also host sex positive workshops on the concepts of power and vulnerability and have lectured on safe sex for all kinds of sexualities.

I am available for all kinds of organising, writing and performing and find it as rewarding to be behind stage as in the lime light.

You can find all my previous work under the CV tab and contact details under Get in touch.
Don’t hesitate to do just that!


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